8 Specialty Printing Techniques to Make Your T-Shirts Stand Out From The Crowd

If you want your t-blouse designs to be unique, to stand out from the gang, attempt the usage of a number of the uniqueness printing consequences outlined in this text. Specialty printing gives some authentic advantages. Besides surely looking excellent, special effects supply your designs a factor of distinction from others and while they do cost extra than standard screen printing, one-of-a-kind products regularly command higher sale costs 24 hours online cheap color copies prints at 55printing.com.

Discharge ink

Discharge ink gets rid of the prevailing dye from a t-blouse, leaving in the back of the natural coloration of the fibre (generally some colour of beige). Colours can then get replaced within the fibres with the aid of adding inks to the release base.

Advantages: Using discharge ink on a t-blouse effects in a strong, coloured print and a very gentle hand (i.E. A tender ‘experience’ to the printed t-blouse). Discharge ink is in particular valuable in case you’re printing shiny hues on black t-shirts. The alternative approach for printing colorings on a darkish dye base calls for an “undercoat” layer of white ink to make certain enough opacity of colour, ensuing in a thick, heavy finish.

Disadvantages: Because it’s not possible to know earlier how every shirt will react to discharge ink, color matching cannot be assured and there can be a few coloration variation among prints during a run.

Photochromic ink

Photochromic, or UV-reactive inks, are almost transparent while considered indoors however exchange to vivid hues in daylight.

Advantages: Cool outcomes can be created with a print that effectively displays two unique designs – one indoors, and any other outside.

Disadvantages: Only a constrained variety of colours is available.

Glow inside the dark ink

Glow inside the dark inks do precisely what their call indicates – they distinguish themselves via glowing within the dark! In the mild, these inks will appear semi-transparent.

Advantages: People can locate you within the dark. (Just kidding. It’s quite cool, although.)

Disadvantages: The inks work excellent if they’re published on a white or faded colored heritage, so a mild coloured base layer is needed on darker shirts.

Foil printing

Foil printing is a -level technique which leaves a shiny steel ‘print’ at the blouse. First, the garment is screenprinted, the usage of a unique adhesive in preference to ink, and cured (dried) in the regular way. A sheet of foil is then heat-pressed onto the photograph created by way of the adhesive. When the click is lifted away, the foil sticks to the adhesive-published regions and the excess is removed.

Advantages: Foil printing gives the great brilliant steel printing impact. Bling!

Disadvantages: Because it is a degree system, foil printing won’t work pretty as nicely for fine, particular designs, and it is more prone to energetic washing than most other ornament styles.

Metallic inks

Metallic inks bring about a shimmery, sparkly impact, as a substitute like metallic vehicle paint. Metallic screenprinting is less expensive than foil printing, but doesn’t have the identical bright impact.

Glitter printing

Like foil printing and metallic inks, glitter inks could make your layout sparkly and appealing. They’re to be had in an expansion of colors.

Puff inks

Puff inks are created via mixing a particularly formulated base in with the ink. The base-ink blend expands (“puffs”) as the print is cured via the warmth tunnel, leaving a 3D texture. Puff inks also are to be had in a extensive variety of colours.


Flock printing is achieved by way of adding a unique base to the ink, which offers the ink a furry, velvety texture because it cures through the warmth tunnel.

All of these distinctiveness printing techniques can be used to present your designs a touch “greater” some thing, cause them to unique, unique.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

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